Heavy Vehicle Tire Retreading

Heavy Vehicle Tire Retreading

Tire retreading is the process of retreading the tread of the worn tire with suitable patterned rubber. A coated tire continues to be reused in the same conditions without losing anything from its performance. The tire technology, which continues to develop today, can enable the tire body to be covered several times. Tire retreading can generally be applied to truck / bus, construction, aircraft tires and some passenger tires. Tires are covered with the latest technology in our Recamic licensed facilities in Istanbul, Bursa and Samsun, which are certified under UN / ECE R 108 and R-109.

What is retreading?
Tire retreading is the process of replacing the tread of the worn tire. Today, developing tire technology allows the body of the tires to be covered several times, but such a solid body brings cost increase. Approximately 70% of a new tire is the carcass and 30% of the body are tread costs. Improved retreading techniques reduce the cost per kilometer by renewing the tire with a cost which is about %50 lower than a new tire.

Retreading does not only reduce the cost; but also provides a very important layer for the economy and the environment. The tire is a petroleum-based product, Retreading industry which uses less limited oil resources, contributes to the economy. This process also ensures that the tire, which takes a very long time to disappear spontaneously in nature, is in use and also contributes to the protection of the natural environment.

Is the Retreading safe?
With a circular signed by the president of the USA in 1993, official organizations begin to use the process of retreaded tires. In addition, In addition, aircraft tires are can be covered 6 times on average, and takes off and lands on with an average of 200 times. Technologies used in retreading are classified as below depending on the machine and material, but only cold and hot retreading methods are used in our country.

Retreading types;

  • Pre Cure
  • Mold Cure
  • Bead to Bead Molding

When a tire needs to be retreaded?
Tires with a tread depth below 5 mm are about to end their life. You can contact us to get information from our experts if your tire can be retreaded.

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