Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

You may have a new generation car with latest technology but it does not mean that your car has an immortal component. Some of your car components can lose effect over time. That’s why every vehicle, regardless of brand or model, needs regular maintenance. In order to see if there are such problems in your vehicle, it is necessary to check and replace the parts that wear out or lose their effect if necessary.

If regular checks and maintenance are not carried out, you can understand that there is a problem with the reactions of your vehicle, but the risk of unexpected breakdowns and accidents is quite high in vehicles that are not regularly maintained and inspected. Periodic vehicle maintenance minimizes the risks of unexpected breakdowns and accidents, and also reduces fuel consumption by making your vehicle work more effectively. You can safely continue your journey, care about your vehicle and not harm your budget.

The operations to be performed during periodic vehicle maintenance vary according to the vehicle brand and model and the mileage covered. To generalize the procedures performed during the periodic vehicle maintenance; engine oil change, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter change, fuel filter and timing belt replacement if needed according to the mileage covered, renewal of materials such as brake fluid, brake discs, brake pads if a problem is detected during free vehicle check-up. covers. In our service points, you will know your needs and what you will pay in advance, and you will not be surprised at the end of the transactions.

What happens if periodic vehicle maintenance is not done?

When your vehicle that you bought by allocating large savings is not maintained periodically, it has negative effects on your budget, driving safety and driving comfort.

  • The service life of the vehicle that is not periodically maintained is reduced.
  • The parts that make up your vehicle will wear out over time and lose their effect, the risk of sudden failure and accidents due to faults increases. This will risk you, your loved ones, and other drivers in traffic.
  • The performance of the vehicle and driving comfort will decrease, and fuel consumption increases.

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