Toe Adjustment

Toe Adjustment

Toe adjustment and balancing are mentioned together but they are actually mean two different maintenance. Without toe adjustment balancing is not possible. Balancing prevents the vibration of the wheels at high speeds but with the toe adjustment the angle of the wheels adjusted.

The toe adjustment related to the mechanics of the vehicle and it is determined by the vehicle manufacturer. You may notice that this adjustment needs to be adjusted if your vehicle starts pulling site to site, accelerates or decreases the grip on the bend. In the vehicle with not proper adjusted toe tires start to wear early and the tire life will be shorter. We recommend toe adjustment in every 5.000 km.

While adjusting tie;

  • First of all, the tire pressure adjustments are made.
  • Then the alignment machine measures the vehicle toe angle.
  • Measurement is made according to the brand-model of the vehicle.
  • The machine gives the values when it makes measurements and the values are accordingly adjusted.
  • After the adjustment, power steering adjustment is made. The steering is provided to lie flat.

What Should Be Considered While Toe Adjustment?

  • The machine to be used to alignment must be sensitive and suitable for your vehicle. It should also have the ability to find the right value for your vehicle.
  • After carefully controlling the pressure of the tires, you need to make sure that the vehicle’s carriages, such as tie rod, tie rod, steering gear, steering cushion, is smooth.

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